Homecoming: Interrupted

Annual Week of Tradition Cut Short by Holiday, Weather

Veronika Limanskiy, Staff Writer

After an unusual 2020-2021 school year, students looked forward to a normal Homecoming week, full of spirit and Cougar Pride. The Student Council planned Homecoming for almost a month, with fun new spirit days for the four-day week (Monday was a holiday because of Columbus Day). Unfortunately, students participated only in three out of the four days, because of an unexpected flash flood that cancelled school on Thursday. Everything was back to the usual schedule on Friday, with Homecoming mums ringing through the hallways. 
“Some things that we had planned for homecoming were dress up days, dance games, a flower tunnel, and a photobooth,” Student Council President, junior Hannah Blankenship said. “We planned for the whole school to dress up, that is what I was most excited about. Especially the ‘Back to the Future’ day.”
The Student Council planned four unique and different dress up days for the whole week which included: iconic duo, (or twin day), back to the future, (dress up as your past self or what you want your future self to be), floral, and white out. The Student Council also voted for the dance theme, ‘Midnight Garden.’
“We had many ideas. After narrowing them down, having the AP’s approval, meetings, and votes, we agreed on Midnight Garden. Midnight Garden was set up to look like a setting in a fairytale, with vines, flowers, low-lights, a flower tunnel, and fairy lights.” Blankenship said.
Pride and Patriotism, one of the five Student Council committees, helped a lot with Homecoming by showing school spirit and creating posters and other advertisements. 
“We planned a lot of fun stuff for the dance, including a photo booth, and drinks,” sophomore Willow Haines said.
This year, there were 43 new Homecoming candidates, which led to lots of advertisements and posters on every wall for students to see.
“I decided to run for Homecoming court for multiple reasons,” freshman lady candidate Makayla Miller, said. “When I was in middle school, I would always go to the homecoming football games and see all the pretty girls in dresses walking down the football field. I would always look up to them and think, ‘Wow! I would love to be like them one day.’ I don’t think of Homecoming Royalty as a popularity contest but more as an open opportunity and indication that you can make a positive mark on your classmates and those around you.”
After the whole week of voting, endless posters, given out candy and buttons advertising, “Vote for ME!”, the final court winners were: Harry Benson and Nsayah Davis for freshman Lord and Lady, Hugh White and Kiana Wood for sophomore Duke and Duchess, Reid Solis and Kate Albright for junior Prince and Princess, and the Canyon 2021-2022 King and Queen, Cameron Bibins and Kinsley Marini. 
“I was very confident that I would win. I just couldn’t wait for them to crown me,” Bibins said. “Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me! Shout out to Coach O! Love y’all!”
After Thursday’s rain event, the sun came out Friday, for the official Homecoming day. Students arrived on campus with dangling mums and bells ringing throughout the hallways. During W.I.N, the students participated in the annual Black Out Pep Rally. Most students wore white, neon, as well as pink for Breast Cancer awareness. The gym was dark with blue lights shining on the cheerleaders, band members, dancers, and the audience. The music was energizing, and overall the Pep Rally was set up to look vibrant. Later that evening, fans cheered on the Cougar football team, as they played against Lehman High School. The varsity football team channeled their energy and demolished the Lehman Lobos by a score of 53-0. 
The week wrapped up with the Homecoming dance on Oct. 16, from 7 PM to 11 PM in the cafeteria. The dance was decorated with vines, and fairy lights, making the scenery look magical. Music was playing throughout the dance, and overall the CHS students said the dance was epic. Over 1,100 students danced till the very end.
Even though the week threw off some crazy weather, PSAT on Wednesday for the sophomores and juniors, as well as no school on Thursday, and students stressing about their final grades which were due that Friday, Homecoming week ended great, maybe even better than everyone expected it to be.