Campus to Receive Major Improvements Thanks to 2021 Bond

Jayda Pineda, Staff Writer

After postponing the bond last year due to the pandemic, voters went to the polls Nov. 2 to choose from five different propositions being presented by Comal ISD. Out of the five propositions A, B, and E are the ones that passed. Proposition A, is a tax ratification election that offers Canyon teachers and staff a three percent compensation each year for the next three to four years. 

“As we compare ourselves to all the Districts around us we are one of the lowest paying school districts and we want to get that up to be able to allow staff members and teachers to be paid equally,” Principal Dustin Davisson said. 

Out of the propositions that passed, B is the proposition that affects Canyon HS the most. It will provide a new Fine Arts building with enhanced facilities for band, choir, orchestra, and other fine arts programs. In addition, there will also be a new multipurpose building that will be used for the JROTC program and provide expansion for the school’s Career and Technical Education program. 

 “Right now JROTC is currently in the old office room, which is one of the first offices of Canyon High School when it was built in 1972,” Davisson said.  “We want to be able to provide for them what they need. Also, one of the proposals of the bonds is a new CTE building which is for some amazing programs that we have on campus, like CNA and different journalism programs as well.” 

Other improvements housed under the three propositions that passed include various safety and security upgrades including window tinting, installation of extra outside lighting and security cameras and additional fencing around campus. Teachers will also receive laptop updates as well as digital devices for their classrooms. Not only do the bonds provide an opportunity for change at Canyon but they will allow expansion and growth to improve. Construction and implementation of these propositions is set to begin in the summer of 2022.