Covid Surge Causes More Transportation Issues for District

Jayda Pineda, Staff Writer

With a new year came new transportation struggles for CISD. Like most school districts in the nation, Comal began the school year with a shortage of bus drivers, an issue that the current Omicron variant surge has only accelerated. As a result, on Monday Superintendent Andrew Kim called for the cancellation of certain bus routes all together, citing a lack of transportation employees.  

“We are now at the point where we are needing to cancel routes daily due to more of our drivers getting COVID tested and calling in sick,” Kim said in the email sent to parents.  “We anticipate that this trend will continue for the next several weeks.”

Right now Kim is asking for parents’ cooperation and patience during this uncertain situation. 

“I know these last-minute cancellations are an inconvenience and create an unnecessary burden for you and your family. For that I am sorry, ” Kim said. “I ask for your patience and understanding, particularly with our drivers and Transportation Department staff, as they continue to work diligently to safely get your child to and from school.”

Kim said they are diligently working to provide stable transportation services, with more details to be released Thursday.  He also asked for anyone willing and interested in becoming a Comal ISD bus driver to fill out an application.

*This story will be updated as new information becomes available.