American Sign Language Club Grows and Fulfills Goals

Virginia Simone, Staff Writer

Every Monday after school, a group of students gather in room A109 with a mission: to promote the exchange of ASL with an acknowledgement and respect for Deaf culture.

The ASL club was founded last year, and has continued to grow since. The club has reached almost 15 members, a feat for a second-year organization. The only requirements for potential members are that they must respect Deaf culture and have a willingness to learn the language and spread awareness.

At the regular Monday meetings, members get together from 4:15-5:00 to discuss club business. This includes going over their current fundraiser’s progress and goals, as well as coming up with ideas for spreading Deaf awareness and choosing which Deaf events to attend. Unofficial WIN meetings also provide the members with an opportunity to fulfill the club’s goals to develop and enhance their ASL skills and increase their knowledge of Deaf culture.

Currently, the ASL club is working on their fundraiser, selling “I love you” decals for $2 each to raise money for their annual Silent Dinner. For this event, the club will go out to dinner together, ordering and holding conversations all in ASL to bring awareness to the community.

Anyone interested in joining the ASL club or just supporting them with a purchase may talk to Sponsor Alia Sanchez in room A109 for details.