A Change in Tides

Canyon Water Polo

Jazzy Martinez, Staff Writer

Our Canyon water polo teams kicked off their seasons on August 13th and lasted 11 weeks. They played against many schools. Some of their best games were at the North side tournament (girls 17-1) and Southwest tournament (boys 14-0). 

Mr. Haltom, coach of the water polo team who is in his 14th year of coaching of coaching at CHS (27th year of coaching total), said his teams should work on staying above water and taking cues. “We just need to see more water polo and play more and tread more water.”

Will Spence, who plays a center forward position (an offensive position that tries to score goals) and has been playing water polo for a year, says his favorite part about water polo is shot-taking. 

Hope Reichert, an attacker (a second two-meter defender), thinks defense is the hardest position to play. “It’s really difficult to keep people from scoring when they have an edge over you [be]cause you can’t really put your hands on them, but they can push you down…I wish we had more time to practice before and after school so we can be more of a team.”