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A Slice of New Braunfels

Kamryn Jasch

Pizza lovers unite! This cheesy delicacy is all over New Braunfels. Whether you like a basic cheese or pepperoni pizza or complex and creative specialty pizzas, there are always a lot of pizza joints to choose from. Let’s dive into the best local and pizza chains around New Braunfels!

It’s pretty clear that the price of Inferno’s is significantly better than Bootleggers. But the taste is where it’s at. I had the pleasure of going to both places, and personally, I feel that it wasn’t even close. Bootleggers is the clear winner; although it’s fairly pricey, it is better tasting.

The main thing that stood out to me was the variety of Infernos, such as the choice of toppings like the Big Mac pizza and pulled pork pizza. While Infernos serves unheard-of options, many of them are not good. The plus side of Infernos is the cheaper prices.

As I went to Bootleggers, there wasn’t as much variety and it was more expensive. The setting was pretty, and it was in a nice location because it was downtown surrounded by little shops within walking distance. The food was as fantastic as the setting. The taste was the deciding factor because for $20 for a 15” pizza it should be packed with flavor, and that’s what you get at Bootleggers.

As for pizza chains, Domino’s is the best option. They have a chewy garlic parmesan crust that is filled with flavor. And for cheese lovers, Domino’s has phenomenal cheesy bread made with garlic parmesan crust and stuffed with cheese in the middle of the bread and melted over the top. The price was pretty reasonable. It was $20 for a medium-sized pizza, with cheesy bread, and two drinks. Compared to the other chains, it is one of the cheapest options. For people who do not like pizza, they also have wings, sandwiches, pasta, and salads. They have multiple appetizers such as different types of bread with dips, loaded tater tots, and bread twists. For dessert, they have cinnamon bread twists, brookies (chocolate chip cookie and brownie combined), and chocolate lava cakes. 

Marcos is good for a quick pizza run but is overall pretty basic. The crust is a little rougher and hard to chew but tastes like a regular pizza crust. The cheesy bread was the same. For people who like cheesy bread but do not like a cheese overload, this is perfect. They also have a good selection of toppings to choose from if you do not want their specialty pizzas. However, Marcos Pizza is more expensive. It was $30 for a medium two-topping pizza with cheesy bread. The pizza came with garlic sauce and the cheesy bread came with ranch and marinara sauce. They also have other menu options like crustless pizza (which is like a pizza casserole), sandwiches, and salads. They also have cinnamon squares for dessert.

Both pizza chains are delicious options for a quick dinner, but Domino’s definitely exceeded the expectations for a pizza chain. They have a wider menu, taste better, and they are a cheaper option. 

The moral of the story is, if you want to go to a nice, local pizza joint in a nice area, make your way to downtown New Braunfels to Bootleggers for a flavorful pizza. If you want something more affordable with new toppings to try, give Infernos a shot. It would be better to support local pizza joints, like Bootleggers, around New Braunfels because of the better quality of the food and the environment. However, if you want a quick and cheap dinner, Domino’s is the way to go.

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Kamryn Jasch, Staff Writer
Hello! My name is Kamryn Jasch, but I go by Kamie, and I am a senior this year. Last year I moved from Thornton, Colorado. I love the mountains and going hiking! I love hanging out with my friends and family and my favorite place in New Braunfels is Gruene! I am also in choir and my favorite subject is English.
Lazaro Martinez, Staff Writer
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