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Texas Weather

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Cold Weather Ahead Road Warning Sign

Here in the great state of Texas, specifically in New Braunfels, the weather has been a jumbled mess with tons of rain and freezing temperatures. This has caused a panic in many parts of the city with people wondering when this wacky weather will stop and go back to some form of normalcy. 

Starting with the week of January 14th- January 20th, t the high for Sunday was 46 and the low was 21, setting up the precedent of arctic weather throughout the week. Wednesday had a frigid low of 15 at 6:55 am. The lowest recorded temperature in New Braunfels was 2 on December 23, 1989. A more recent record was set on February 16, 2021, with a temperature of 3℉ ranking as the fourth coldest day here in New Braunfels. This was also one of the few times it snowed in Texas. Later, on Friday, the weather had settled to a more reasonable temperature with the high being 51℉ and the low being 33℉.

Now going into the week of January 21st through January 25th, the weather was very gloomy and rainy with the rain causing mass flood watches throughout the city of New Braunfels. Throughout this week, there was up to 6 inches of rainfall. This rain was much needed, but did we need this much of it? It seems as though the precipitation would never stop. Only time would tell how much rain this town could get.

As of Thursday, January 25th, the weather looked to have settled and it seemed like there would finally be some kind of normalcy in the days to come. The next five days looked to be regular temperatures and… it would finally be sunny again!! 

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