A Little Coach Advice

Jalen Suarez, Staff Writer

Coach Manny Flores-Head Coach for Canyon High School Varsity Basketball
Coach Austin Karrer-Assistant Coach for Canyon Basketball

Our Canyon High School coaches are all one of a kind and we love them dearly. Especially the great advice they share as well as when they talk about the sport they love most. Last week, we met with our head basketball coach, Coach Flores, and asked him a few questions. When asked why he chose to become a coach, he replied, “I became a coach because I love the game of basketball…It’s my profession and I played college basketball and a little bit overseas… I played basketball so much I still don’t want to be without it…I figured the best way since I can’t play is coach so I can continue to be around it.”

Now from our assistant coach, Coach Karrer; he gave us some information on what his experience was as a player and a coach, saying, “ Well…I started off at UTSA after playing there for 4 years…I was a GA for two years then an assistant at Marion did a little bit of everything there…last year I was at Churchill High School and back [my] alma mater Canyon High School as an assistant coach here. Also, when asked why he wanted to coach here at Canyon, he replied,  “A: The school means a lot to me, … because there are a lot of coaches who were so instrumental to me, and being back here is such a cool experience…B: I just love working with kids and maximizing their potential and just help them reach a lot of their goals that I, fortunately, was able to reach myself”.