Academic UIL

Morgan Radulski, Staff Writer

While many athletic organizations receive the majority of attention due to their vibrant nature, there is another, lesser-known, yet equally competitive group. Enter Academic UIL. Academic UIL provides students with an outlet to exercise their academic abilities in a competitive environment.

Competitors practice for their share of the roughly 25 events that Canyon participates in. These individuals meet once or twice a week with the coach of their event. Coaches hold practices at varying times, where Academic UIL competitors better their respective skills.

Unlike Athletic UIL, Academic UIL has no prerequisites, meaning that anyone who wishes to participate may join this rich world of competition. While there are no prerequisites, there are a few certain categories of people that might especially appreciate Academic UIL. These include people who enjoy taking tests, are willing to give up Saturdays for meets, and generally do well in school. Mr. Frech, the coach for Number Sense, instructs interested students to, “Come see me, and I’ll get them engaged with whichever coach.” Academic UIL has an invitational meet quickly approaching on January 14th