Coffee Lovers…Listen Up


There are many coffee shops in New Braunfels. To narrow it down to three coffee shops in the area and their pros and cons, here are some:

If you are looking for a place to sit down and work while sipping some coffee, Dutch Brothers is not the place since they only offer a drive-thru. Dutch Bros, as they are well known, has one location in New Braunfels. Their menu is very impressive because of the drinks they have created and offer. They recommend using their rewards app which is great marketing. Their customer service is amazing, as they always make their customers feel welcome there.

Voodoo Espresso has two locations in New Braunfels. One is a drive-thru, and the other is a cafe with a drive-thru. The lobby has a lot of space to enjoy your time with some great coffee. It has a fun New Orleans vibe with fun colors, a funky mural, and cool decor. They offer a variety of different drinks as well as food. As far as customer service goes, it’s been hit or miss. They do have a purchase rewards system. 

On The Grind is another place that is not made to sit and enjoy drinking coffee since they only offer a drive-thru. On The Grind has five locations spread across New Braunfels.  This could be a convenient or inconvenient scenario; it depends on your personal taste, whether or not you like their drinks. This coffee shop’s menu is not very large, but it does have some great specials. They offer punch cards to get a free drink. Overall, On The Grind’s review by the town of New Braunfels is 4 out of 5 stars.