“Die Hard”-Christmas or Not?

Lazaro Martinez, Staff Writer

There is a big argument about whether “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie or an action movie. 

So many have said that “Die Hard” isn’t a Christmas movie because it simply doesn’t leave them feeling in the Christmas spirit. This is probably because its an R rating or the fact it’s an action movie or maybe because it doesn’t feature Santa or elves or reindeer or whatever other ingredients that usually go into making a more orthodox Christmas movie.

In “Die Hard”, you could quite easily superimpose Halloween over Christmas and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference! In my opinion, I think it’s a Christmas movie because it has Christmas music, John’s wife has a Christmas-y name, and Santa Claus (sort of) makes an appearance with someone dressed up as him.

While Die Hard” is an action movie, it can be perceived as a Christmas movie as well for these reasons. You can watch the movie and decide for yourself.