Golf- Our Favorite Course


Sophomore Presley Bolado tees off at The Buckhorn in Comfort.

Coach Storter coaches the golf team at Canyon. This year’s goal was to advance to Regionals and State. The team has worked to get better by practicing with lessons and on their own. This year’s team has more freshmen than expected. Tournaments occur around twice a month for the team. 

Coach Storter said, “They have grown a lot. They’ve progressed since the beginning of the year.”

Senior Gracie Ariaga expressed that she enjoyed her season and had many learning experiences. She decided to play golf because of how unique it is. She said,  “I like how you get to look at different points of view.” 

When Gracie was asked if she had a future planned with golf, she shared that golf will not be in her college plans but will be her leisure activity to enjoy with friends and family.

Sophomore Presley Bolado has been playing golf for six years, so when Presley came to Canyon High School, she signed up for the golf team. Presley looks forward to playing golf in college as she quite enjoys playing. She practices with the team around three times a week, but in her own free time, she practices every day. 

With all the effort and commitment from the team thus far, we hope they continue to perform well on the green for the remainder of the year.