Healing Hands, Helping Hearts


Canyon High School nurses Amanda Collins, Tammy Ortega, and Kimberley Harris

The nurses at Canyon High School are very sweet and make sure they know how to help with minor physical problems students have.

Mrs. Kimberley Harris said that being a school nurse gives her the best of both sides of the world since she has the same schedule as her kids while getting to work as a school nurse at the same time. It is easy to tell that she loves her job. Mrs. Harris makes sure she knows what is going on so she can help students get better and learns how to take care of new situations that she has never seen before. 

Mrs. Harris said she became a school nurse because she has always enjoyed healthcare-related topics and realized she could be a school nurse, so she started her nursing career at middle school and moved here to Canyon High School. Mrs. Harris has seen some students grow over several years.

Mrs. Amanda Collins said she became a nurse because she likes hands-on work. She likes to be active and moving, helping people as well as learning about the body, how it works, and how amazing it is.

Mrs. Collins said, “Hospital nursing and school nursing are both very different and valuable, and I do value the time I was in the hospital because I got a lot of good background in health solutions that come up during school…I love working with the teenage group.”

Mrs. Tammy Ortega said she became a nurse because she loves helping people. She made a career change after doing hair for 20 years. She said she chose this change because she loves people.

Mrs. Ortega said, “I like nursing at school. I like the kids. I love interacting with the special needs kids because every day is a new day with them…if they had a bad day, the next [day] is a new day with them, and I love that attitude.

Mrs. Ortega said she has learned a lot from them. She loves the interaction and making people feel better.

We appreciate you all so much and your dedication and hard work here at Cougar Nation.