Helpful Hand


I admire Mrs. Lara. She has been a teacher here at Canyon for 2 years and started teaching in 2000. She is a great teacher here at Canyon High School. She teaches two Journalism classes, a Yearbook class, and the Broadcast class. That is a lot of different classes to have to deal with, but she does it every day like a good teacher does.    

She said she loves building relationships with the students and enjoys helping them. The way she helps us is really fun because she can help us when we need help with our articles and helps us get pictures when we need them. When it comes to her two Journalism classes, we all help each other with our articles when we need them. All of us have good ideas for each others’ articles; some ideas for our articles come from Mrs. Lara.  She is one of the best teachers, and she is going to be one of the best.    

To conclude, I admire Mrs. Lara. She is a great journalism teacher because, even though she gets in a bad mood sometimes, she always knows how to put a smile on her every time and help us when we need it, and can tell us everything that we need to know.