Leave it all on the Field


Canyon Football Team lines up against Boerne Champion.

Louis Solis, Staff Writer

As the football season comes to an end, the JV and Freshman groups have been hard at work. Both players and coaches had an optimistic outlook on the season and can say they accomplished what they set out to do.

Coach Nate Leonard said that their main goal was to prepare both of these teams to move up to Varsity and play at that Varsity level. He plans to do this by consistently working with players and incorporating them into all of the practices and meetings to help them get to that level. “We always approach our JV and Freshman teams with a growth mindset.” Their goal isn’t to solely win football games; it’s also to prepare these guys to succeed on a higher level. 

With the final games being played Wednesday, November 2nd, the Freshman team ended with a 9-10 record while JV’s was 5-12. Coach Leonard said, there was a lot of growth out of both teams this year and that if the teams look better coming out of the season than they do going in, they did their job correctly. He said that he sees a lot of potential in both teams and is excited for next season. 

You can definitely see the growth within both teams, and that shows in my interview with Isaac Hernandez. He said that JV could be doing better but is optimistic about next season and how the guys develop. He also said that a major way to improve next season is the amount of focus the team has throughout the season and that it could be the factor determining whether or not the team has a winning record. 

Looking back at the season as a whole, the teams did relatively well and got done what needed to be done, and both coaches and players can agree on that. Despite the teams’ records, there is only one thing to do and that’s, to get better over the off-season so that they can better prepare for the season to come.