Lend a Helping Hand


Jalen Suarez, Staff Writer

At Canyon High School, we love all our deputies and surely appreciate all that they do for us. We met with our SRO, Deputy Esquivel, and asked him a few questions. When asked  why he chose to become an officer, he replied, “I have always been interested in law enforcement, and I always had a hard time with the idea of sitting in an office for the whole day.” 

Even though he had an interest in law enforcement growing up, he wanted to be a fighter pilot, and his first few jobs were at [Peter Piper Pizza, The Wash Tub, Discount Tire (the hardest job he had), and then the service industry waiting tables. That’s how he learned to sell himself with customer service, which later helped him in his current career. 

Some advice Deputy Esquivel left us with was to make the right choices, do all the basics like what your parents tell you, and don’t give up on your dreams. Also, for some advice to kids that want to do law enforcement, “Make the right choices…if you pursue a career in law enforcement they will go into an in-depth background check…mistakes you make right now may deter you from a position in law enforcement.”

Thank you so much for joining Canyon High School and making a difference. We are so thankful for all of our SROs and the improvement they make at our school.