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I recently had an interview with Coach Mrs.Farr who is one of the athletic trainers at Canyon High School. We discussed the typical things she does in a day on the job. 

Coach Farr mentioned that she had been a trainer at Canyon High School for 24 years and came here right after college and has never looked back since. It is pretty fantastic that she has been able to do well and manage this position all these years. 

Coach Farr said her typical daily schedule begins with,“Practice before school and treatments then work out. Then, I teach a class during 2nd period.” She went on to explain that she has a 3rd period workout and then 4th period is basketball and 5th period is her conference period and she holds another practice after school. ‘ 

Coach Farr mentioned that it does get pretty hectic with all the workouts, but she’s been doing it so long that she’s adapted to the busy schedule. 

When asked what she loves most about her job and what inspires her to keep coming back, she said, “I love building bonds with kids and being able to help them if they’re hurt and letting them be able to get back to what they were doing. It’s an awesome feeling helping someone from a potential setback and letting them achieve their goals.” 

These were all good things to hear from Coach Farr, we thank her for the 24 years of hardwork and determination to help the kids of Canyon High School.

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