Out Hustle. Out Work. Out Play. Out Last


This year has been a blast for Canyon High School sports. Many successful sports seasons have passed,  but now it’s time for baseball. Our very own Canyon baseball team has been getting ready in preparation for the season. They have been doing well and working hard.

Coach Kozole, our head Canyon Cougar baseball coach, has answered many of the questions we all have been wondering about. When asked what the goal for the season is, Coach Kozole said, “Just getting out there and playing as hard as we can, and just like last year,  make it to the 3rd round at least that…or greater, make it to state.” 

He also talked about the qualities the players of his team have and the dog-like mentality that allows them to bond and buy into the team. This is what he believes separates them from any other baseball team in the state of Texas.

Player, sophomore Kindru Walker, added that he is so excited to get the ball rolling and to play alongside his teammates.

So far this season has been going well. We hope to see everyone come out to the games and support our very own Cougar s baseball teams.