Pink Haze and Perfect Days


Sunlight travels more through the atmosphere at sunrise and sunset because the sun is lower on the horizon than it is during other times of the day. There are more particles in the atmosphere when sunlight travels through more layers. Due to the amount of man-made aerosols, the most polluted cities in the world also frequently experience greater orange and crimson sunsets. Although the outcome can be stunning to see, it also signals more air pollution. The light travels more through the atmosphere around sunset when the sun is at a lower angle. As a result, we see more of the pinks and reds in the rainbow spectrum and less of the blue that we normally see during the day.

It started when I was little when I would point out how pretty the sunset was. I would sit outside until the sun went down. My mom thought I was crazy because I would come in with mosquito bites all over me, but I didn’t care because I got to watch the beautiful sunset. 

Then, in about 2020 when I was in 8th grade, I found a love for taking pictures of them. In my freshman year of high school, I went to visit my family in Mexico and stayed at a resort; the sunsets and sunrises were unbelievable. They were bright pink and orange and just in general beautiful. I think seeing how beautiful sunsets can be by the beach made me want to sit there for hours and just look at the sky. I would post them on my Snapchat stories or Instagram to show them off because I was proud of how they came out. 

Recently, I got a Canon camera, and it takes beautiful pictures of the sky. It increased my love and enjoyment of photography. Taking pictures of the sunset and sunrises shows how beautiful nature can really be. 🙂