Short term class, long term impact


George Berry teaches physics to juniors and seniors here at Canyon High School. He’s been teaching for 30 years in total and 11 at CHS. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and went to high school at Westlake and finished his education and got his degree at The University Of Texas.

The students he’s had throughout his life are the highlight of his career, bringing tears of joy or laughter every day he comes to work. Mr. Berry likes to travel. Places he’s visited recently include Italy and Las Vegas, Nevada. After having taught for so many years, Mr. Berry has tales ranging from inspiring all the way to the most gut-wrenching thing you’ve ever heard.

In 2020, Mr. Berry was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His students were immediately supportive. One student even gave him a pair of checkered slip-on Vans that he wears every day he needs the motivation to keep on walking.

Mr. Berry is always there for his students. My junior year wasn’t the easiest I’ve ever experienced, but having Berry there to check on me and always make sure I was in the right mind space made it much easier than it could have been without him. All the stories he would tell were like he knew what was going on that day in my life. Maybe every three out of four stories just had me stop and think, “Is this directed toward me?” But all the stories and all the students who have been through similar things before me but are still going and still able to make a difference in people’s lives kept me going knowing everything would get better.