Take It One Pitch At A Time


The 2022-2023 Canyon Varsity Softball team ended their season as undefeated district champions with a 24-0 record. The team worked very hard this season to accomplish this record and definitely improved from last year.

Last year, the varsity softball team was made with mostly seniors, so once the seniors graduated they lost so many starters so the underclassman stepped in. They worked very hard this season and hopefully will continue this streak. They have had a lot of close games but ended this season with an amazing record and an amazing bond with each other. 

Coach Nowlin said, “I look forward to seeing how next year’s team steps up and takes the shoes of this year’s team.” Softball is a sport that you have to focus on and get your head in the game.This year’s teams did exactly that and that’s why they were able to become undefeated district champions.

Softball is a bat-and-ball game in which two teams of ten players each compete. The pitches are thrown underhand rather than overhand, and softballs are larger than baseballs. Despite these fundamental distinctions, it is a direct descendent of baseball. You have to be able to have good communication with your teammates as well as help each other to be able to win. Canyons varsity softball team did exactly that.

The Canyon Cougar JV softball team is coached by Coach Olvera. Coach states that, ”Our theme was attitude and effort to control your attitude.” That was their main focus this year and he hopes that the players just don’t sit around all summer. 

Not only did the varsity team work hard this year, but JV did as well. You can tell by how well they did that they have lots of trust in one another and that takes a lot of skill if you want to win.

Both coaches are looking forward to seeing how the underclassmen step up to get better every year.