The Fun Hard Worker, Mr. Espinoza


Mr. Espinoza is an Algebra 1 and Algebraic Reasoning teacher here at Canyon and is my teacher feature because he tries to help all of his students understand what he is teaching. He gives his extra time to help his students before and after school.

He’s a funny, lovable, and hard-working teacher. He gives us fun and easy-to-remember tools for tests and quizzes. He cares about what we think about the lesson and works with the feedback we give. He wants to understand our thought processes and the way we see things. I once told him, “Because you care, I care.”

“Try to live your life without regret. What you do is what you do. What has been done is done. Focus on the future and focus on the present without having to worry about what you’ve done in the past.” This is one of his favorite quotes. 

I admire him, not only because he cares, but because he’s human. He never claims to be perfect even though his students think he is. He gives off good vibes and plays good music (most of the time). I hope this article shows why I admire Mr. Espinoza and one day hope to be a good teacher like him.