The Gift of Blood is a Gift to Someone’s Life

Louis Solis, Staff Writer

On Friday, November 18th, Canyon High School had its annual blood drive. There was a great turnout. Student Council organized the big event. It was promoted all week to donate blood to people in need. The participants were very enthusiastic to donate blood and help out the community. One particular donor was Harry Benson. 

Harry”s contributions were greatly appreciated. He was also very proud of his donations, saying that being a donor means the world to him because he thinks of all the lives that he is saving. He states that “I’m saving at least 3 people’s lives when I donate blood,” and says that number could potentially be more.

Speaking with a worker from South Texas Blood & Tissue about the blood drive and what it means to her also shows similar results. “I love what I do and what I do for my community.” She was very excited to be a part of this amazing organization. Another worker I spoke to had this to say about what she was doing to help the cause: “I am a blood donor myself and it means a lot that kids your age want to help with a cause as big as this.”

In conclusion, the blood drive was an amazing success, and we hope there are more to come. Everyone there was very kind and helpful, and that is a reason to come and donate next year-to help out our community