The Music That Built Me 


Music is something everyone can relate to. Music can put people in their feelings whether it’s happy, sad, or hyped up. The music that makes us feel something is the best kind of music. The songs and albums I’ll be reviewing do that for me. They make me feel so many feelings. 

“Endless Summer Vacation” is an album by Miley Cyrus. The song “You” is my favorite song from that album. To me, this song is how someone wants to spend their time with a person no matter how flawed they both are. The part I love about this song is how personal it is.

“I got some baggage. Let’s do some damage. I am not made for no horsey and carriage. You know I’m savage, but you’re lookin’ past it. I want that late-night sweet magic that forever-lasting love, but only if it’s with you.”

The icon Cher made an album of herself singing ABBA songs that were used in the classic Mama Mia movies. “One of Us” is about how a couple is separated whether it’s permanent or temporary and that they are missing the other person even though they had problems.  I love it when she sings, “I want you to know one of us is crying, one of us is lying in her lonely bed, staring at the ceiling, wishing she was somewhere else instead.”

Conan Gray is a singer-songwriter who tends to write from personal experience. In the song “Lookalike,” he explains a breakup situation in which his ex is moving on, but the new person is just a lookalike of him. When he sings,

“…but when you look in his eyes, do you think of mine? And when you look at that smile, do I cross your mind? I know in your head you see me instead ‘cause he looks a lot like I did back then. Baby don’t lie, he’s just a lookalike.”

I can feel his pain and anger. 

I love all of these albums these songs come from. They remind me that escaping is fun, but returning is always better.