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The next steps after high school are some of the most important decisions and choices you will make in your life. Many students will need to find a path after high school which best suits their needs and wants for their future. There are a variety of options and paths available to students, and although choosing from these many different paths is difficult, here at Canyon High School, we have just the person to help. Leslie Uptain is the Academic and Career Advisor here at Canyon High School and can be found in the main counseling office.

Ms. Uptain graduated college and immediately began working in higher education at Texas A&M. She moved back to New Braunfels to work here at Canyon before transferring to Davenport and once again back here to Canyon High once the position opened up. 

“There is no day that is the same,” Ms. Uptain stated. Every day is hectic and filled with running around from student to student, presentation to presentation, all to ensure that the student body is aware of their options for the future.“I want people to understand that they have options, they have valuable options and find the right path for themselves.” 

The job comes with many challenges, however, due to the amount of students which graduate every year here, Ms. Uptain spends much of her time simply trying to get to every student she can. Constantly on the move and out of the office, Ms. Uptain has many new responsibilities coming up all the time, but she’s adapted and learned to deal with the challenges she’s presented with. However, it is all made worth it when she sees students’ eyes light up with excitement for the path they’ve found; those eye-opening moments are her favorite part of the job.

“One of the things that makes me tick the most are students that… say ‘Oh, I’m just going into trade,’” Uptain commented. She believes that trade is an excellent and wonderful opportunity. Many students overlook the value of trade vs. going to college, and Ms. Uptain enjoys helping students realize its full value. “That’s a great path; you’re going to have a great future for your family that you have one day down the road.” 

Student’s have many options for a bright future, and Ms. Uptain hopes to help them see that and guide them along a path they like. Schedule a visit, attend her presentations, and take the ‘Next Step’ towards your future, Coogs! 

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