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The Sweetest Holiday


Valentine’s Day is in February, so grab your loved one and celebrate. Whether you celebrate with chocolates or with flowers, Valentine’s Day should be a day filled with love.

The holiday started in Rome when one of the Christian martyrs was named Valentine. A martyr is someone who is killed for their religious beliefs. Saint Valentine was killed on February 14th. Centuries later, Geoffery Chaucer, author of “The Canterbury Tales”, wrote a poem titled “Parlement of Foules” which mentioned love on Valentine’s Day. This poem was written in the 14th century. Because of the death of Saint Valentine and when “Parlement of Foules” was published, the holiday started being celebrated on February 14th. 

In today’s society, Valentine’s Day is filled with gifts like flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Restaurant sales normally increase their prices and are packed. Over 145 million people exchange cards. At Canyon High School, the Student Council puts every student’s name on a heart and fills the Grand Canyon with them, so make sure to find your name!

Seniors Brook Stone and Nick Romanovsky said, “We’re going to Olive Garden because that’s our spot. And then after that, we’re going to go to the park and have a picnic for dessert and give each other gifts.” Brooke said that she prefers flowers on Valentine’s Day, whereas Nick prefers chocolates or gummies.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder to appreciate and spend quality time with significant others, friends, or anyone else who is close to your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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