Welcome, Mrs. Del Rio


This year, our staff added a few new faces to Canyon High School, one being Mrs. Del Rio, a new counselor. Before coming to Canyon, she worked for the San Marcos school district for 19 years…3 years at San Marcos High…and before that, she did Middle School between Goodnight Middle School and Miller Middle School.

Mrs. Del Rio said she came to Canyon because, “First, Canyon has a really great reputation. I have heard of how great the students are, and all the teachers as well as administrators with their great systems in place … Also, to serve the community where I’m living.”

Now, working here as a counselor, Mrs. Del Rio plans to help kids with what they are struggling with so they can concentrate on their academics and reach their potential.

We are so grateful for all our staff, and we especially thank Mrs. Del Rio for coming to Canyon and making an effort to help our students out.