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Back and Better Than Ever

Louis Solis
Student Life

We are now well into the second month of this school year here at Canyon High School. With many new and returning students. This school year is certainly going to be an exciting one. The shift in school year and grade levels has to make one wonder how the student body is feeling about the year so far. How are we using our free time and managing stress and the shift in workload? To answer these questions, our fellow students shared how they are doing so far this year.

“Way better than middle school,” freshman Ava Crawford stated about how she is enjoying the school year. She shared that the workload may have increased, but the stress is lower than before. When asked about the new phone and headphone policy, she thinks it is a good idea and likes the change.

Sophomore Grant Spence commented, “I think it’s okay. I think after we finish our work…maybe we should be able to use our phones, but I can see why they made the policy.”

Grant is liking high school, commenting on better freedoms he has as a sophomore at Canyon High School. He added that the workload for the year is fairly sizable but not too stressful. Overall, it seems like the sophomores and freshmen are enjoying the school year. 

When asked about what they do after the school day, junior Archie O’shields stated, “Go home and do hobby stuff, but on Tuesdays I go to GSA and Wednesdays I am a part of the DND club. ”Archie O’shields says they also spend their time completing homework and English assignments at home as well as attending clubs and socializing in their free time. They believe the year is going pretty good so far and is looking forward to the rest of the year.

Senior Diego Martinez said about his experience so far in the year, “It feels a lot like last year, just a bit faster.” Diego Martinez is a part of the ROTC program. After his school day is over, Diego goes home to relax, study, and finish up any homework he had been assigned. Diego thinks the school year is going well so far, however, on the new cell phone policy, he said, “I think it hasn’t actually fixed anything. It has just made teachers more strict and students care less about actual rules.” 

It is looking like the student morale is high this year with students from all grade levels enjoying their new classes and environment. Opinions on certain policies and aspects of student life may be mixed, but the word around the halls is that this year is going to be great.

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