A Pet’s Purpose


Marcella’s dog, Buddy

Aaron’s dog, Redd

What purpose do your pets have in your life? I have three dogs, and each of them is very special to me. My personal dog is named Buddy; he is a very playful 7-year-old Chihuahua who loves to go on walks. He has provided me with emotional support through a lot of problems, whether it had to do with school or things going on at home. He is also a registered companion dog. I also have a 5-year-old pug named Lucy,  who is the happiest and friendliest dog you will ever meet. She loves to sleep and go for walks as well as meet new people. I have another Chihuahua named Chula, which means beautiful in Spanish. She is 14 years old and is very protective over me and my family but is willing to be kind when shown patience. All three of my dogs have a special place in my heart and have all gone through different experiences with me and my family. I have no idea how our family would be without them.

Junior Aaron Mascorro has a 7-year-old dog named Redd. His dog is very smart and holds a big part in his heart. Aaron’s favorite thing about Redd is how he was able to be taught to go get things from his fridge when Aaron is in his room or even too lazy to get up. Aaron’s dog acts very similar to an emotional support dog. Aaron also said that his dog is the best cuddle dog.

Charlie, Paige’s dog

Sophomore Paige Gately has a 13-year-old dog named Charlie or who she likes to call “Tarles”. Charlie has a very big personality and loves to be goofy. He also loves to run around and bark at random things as well as people. Paige’s favorite thing about Charlie is when he greets her when she gets home as if it’s the most exciting part of his day.

As you can see, dogs or pets, in general, have a very special place in people’s lives, and what is sad is that some people don’t appreciate their animals even though they will always love their owners no matter what. Pets have such big hearts, and some people take advantage of that. All your pets want is to be loved, and it may even take some time to earn their trust, but that does not mean they won’t or don’t love their people. It just takes time to invest in and appreciate pets because we don’t know when their last breath will be.