Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

Mr. William Pickett is Canyon High School’s only German teacher and is generally appreciated by his classes for his passion for his subject and his amiable personality. Mr. Pickett has much experience with both German culture and language. He draws on this bountiful wealth of knowledge that he has accumulated over his years of studying German and working as a flight attendant for German Airlines to make his classes engaging for those of all academic predispositions. 

Mr. Pickett integrates his experience seamlessly with his curriculum, mixing elements of German traditions with his assignments to help his students better understand the richness of German culture. He also annually brings his classes to Wurstfest during the school day.

“Herr” Pickett’s class, while dynamic and challenging, offers a chance to gain valuable academic skills such as note-taking and the will to study. Even though Mr. Pickett’s courses can often be difficult, he tempers the challenge with largely cultural Fridays, often taking the time to explain the significance of different traditions such as Sanz Nikolaus day and Knecht Ruprecht.

Mr. Pickett helps students achieve new academic heights through his detailed explanations of the intricacies of the German language. He also helps instill in his students a certain academic grit, often giving finals of 100+ questions. While many would find the sheer difficulty of these tests to be disheartening, Mr. Pickett brings up many logical points as to why these “classic” finals are beneficial. One of his most conclusive arguments is that students are often unaware of the academic difficulties that await them outside of high school, and these enormous exams help prepare them for collegiate tests and beyond.

In conclusion, Herr Pickett’s class is not only an in-depth study of both the German language and culture, but it also encourages students to develop academic skills that will be assets to them for the rest of their scholastic careers.