Dribbling Into the New Year


Maia Aldrich preparing to shoot the ball

Marcella Varela, Staff Writter

The varsity Cougarette basketball team, coached by Coach Burleson, currently has a record of 2-3 in district. They might not be on top but they push through no matter what. Coach Burleson states, “We have a whole new group of girls this year, and I don’t think having freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors affects the way my team plays. I think overall the girls need to work on handling the ball to put the effort in to bring home a win.” Effort is very important if you want to bring home a win in a sport, and the Canyon Girls Varsity Basketball Team is very good at putting in effort.

As Coach Billow’s first year coaching here at Canyon High School for JV girls basketball, he loves the experience. He said that he feels that having fun and trying something different can always affect how the team plays and how he acts toward the team. “When things are different, they are fun. Trying new things isn’t necessarily bad.” Coach Billow also thinks that the JV team needs to work on not rushing the games because they always feel like they’re being rushed, and it causes some of their plays to go downhill and maybe not work as well as he would like them to, but as long as the effort is there, it might have a good outcome for the team.

Coach Kush coaches Freshman Basketball and has been l for 2 years and is loving it, and the freshmen players love her. Not only is she a coach, but she is an English teacher as well. That takes a lot of responsibility to handle both, but she’s strong and somehow finds a way to bring home wins. Coach Kush states that one thing her team could work on to be better is, “Communication: they need to talk to each other on the court instead of trying to play when they don’t know what’s going on.” Communication is key for the team, especially if you expect to win; you have to communicate with the other players to figure out what is going on. The freshman team has most definitely improved from last year and will hopefully improve as time goes on.