Heartwarming Choir Concert for a Heartwarming Holiday Season

Kamryn Jasch, Staff Writer

Canyon High School Choirs worked incredibly hard last semester, doing two performances before the end of the year. The fall Pop Show was a hit! They had an amazing amount of love and support as the choir combined dance while singing the Top 10 Musical songs. The audience had the opportunity to feel like they were in a musical! The choir also had a student teacher from Texas State named Carol Krueger who was a big help in the concerts. On Monday, December 12, the choirs also performed their holiday concert, getting everyone in the audience excited for the holiday season and having our Canyon family participate in some of the carols sung. They also had a wonderful reunion with the alumni when they came on stage to sing ‘Carol of the Bells’.

Sophomore, Karmyn Crocker, says her favorite song performed was, “probably ‘Personent Hodie’ because it’s really beautiful.” She states that out of the ten years she’s been doing choir, this concert was “more organized this time.”

Mr. Martin, the choir director, said he was very pleased with the performances. He explained that the choir hasn’t been able to do an in-person holiday concert in a couple years because of covid, so he, “would much rather have a concert like this than to do a virtual concert.” Mr. Martin said that his favorite song performed was ‘Personent Hodie’ because, “we got other instrumentalists involved in this concert to play for ‘Personent Hodie’. I thought that was a unique thing. And it was a great song to start the concert with percussion and flute.” Another unique and fun thing about the holiday choir concert was the audience sing alongs. In between the choir songs, they invited the audience to join the choirs and sing carols. 

The reunion between the alumni and the choirs was beautiful. Old classmates and students crowded the stage, and the choirs sang ‘Carol of the Bells’ together. Mr. Martin said that seeing some of his old students brought so much joy. They also had an old choir teacher come up and sing with the choirs. Jean Wood taught choir at Canyon High School from 1979-1996, so it was very special to have her participate in the alumni sing along.

Finally, Mr. Martin says, “I just want to thank everyone for coming! I was impressed with how many people and how many faculty and admin and alumni and even former choir teachers that came to our concert.”