4 bases, 3 strikes, 2 teams, 1 winner


This softball season, our JV and Varsity are undefined.

JV Coach Terrie Nowlin likes coaching softball because of how competitive it is and how the sport is coached and getting to teach the kids life lessons on the field. Our JV team corrects errors by having the coaches coach it a different way or explain how they made the mistake and how the coaches expect it. 

Coach Nowlin said, ’’We coaches are proud of our team for coming together, playing together, sticking together, and putting their competitiveness together.”

Junior Bryleigh Morgan on the JV team wants to play on the varsity team next year. She is excited about the fellowship and competitiveness and working together with her team. Bryleigh said, “I like playing softball for the sport, being on a team, the competitiveness, and just how fun it is.”

Senior Haley Carmona on the varsity softball team would like to grow her leadership skills and encourage more positivity within the team. She said that working together as a team and staying supportive throughout games will help them be successful.

We wish our Cougarettes good luck as they continue their season.