Spike the Competition


Varsity Volleyball- 2022 District Co Champs

The Canyon Cougarette volleyball team started their season off strong with a varsity scrimmage against Westlake High School on August 6th. They learned how to work as a team while playing as they continued their season. As you all know, teamwork can be something really difficult to learn, but this team of Cougars makes it happen during every game. Their scrimmages were good practice games to give them a feel of how each and every one of them play together during actual games.

Varsity was district co-champs which is a huge accomplishment for our varsity team. They advanced to the Regional Quarterfinal round of the UIL State Playoffs. The teams in the playoffs are no joke; these teams have gone through most of the same teams that have worked hard to get there as well. 

Coach Sanders said, “Having 10 seniors that have grown a connection with one another creates good leadership. These girls have experienced a lot of success with the program since they have been a part of it.”

Sala Nuu prepares to serve the ball against Wagner

JV finished undefeated 25 to 0. Coach Kara Steele was excited about this great accomplishment in her first year of coaching at Canyon High School. “OurJV worked very hard during their season. The girls had very good success…Our JV team was really good at finding a way to win whether they started off very badly or very well. They got very close this season and they all connected on different levels.”

Our freshman A volleyball team had their first scrimmage on August 6th against Westlake High School. Every team has to work hard enough to want to make it farther in the season and with this being a practice game you have to have the drive and never want to give up. 

Not only is it their first time playing for a high school team, but this is also Coach Ahrens’ 2nd year of coaching. This means that the whole team has to be able to work together as a team and this takes practice. With a record of 8-5, Coach A and her team are so driven never to let each other give up because if you have a hardworking coach, you will have a hardworking team. Coach Ahrens stated that even when they are losing, they try their hardest and never give up. 

Ashtyn Saenz, a defensive specialist, said she thinks that working on improving herself as a player could benefit her and her team. The best part about watching freshman volleyball is watching them create a bond with each other and support each other no matter what.

The Freshman B district record was 8-5. The team was always competitive and never gave up no matter what was the case. They always had faith. The Freshman volleyball coach, Coach XXXX, said her goal is to make more leaders, making everyone know they have a spot in the game. She loved that her team was very competitive and said, “they were great people and you never had to overthink if they didn’t want to be there.” Bailey Sanchez said the difference between middle school volleyball and high school volleyball is that high school is more competitive than middle school volleyball. Our freshman B team did very well this season; we can’t wait for next year!