This or That?

Jessica Molina, Staff Writer

Teens drink a lot of different things other than just water. They also drink coffee, soda, and energy drinks. There are some negative things about these drinks, but there are some positive things about them, and I am discussing the pros and cons of all of them so you might just change your mind about which one you love. 

Coffee- Most coffees have antioxidant properties according to Spectrum Nutrition, which means they will keep your brain cells healthy as they boost the performance of your neurotransmitters. Drinking coffee every day can reduce the risk of several conditions, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease. There have been studies that have shown that the more coffee you drink, the lower your risk of developing diabetes. Drinking between 4 & 6 cups of coffee a day could make you 30-35% less likely to develop diabetes. If a lot of coffee is too much for you, decaf has the same effect on your body as regular coffee would.

 The cons of coffee- Unfortunately, antioxidant properties in coffee aren’t the only effect the drink will have on you. Drinking coffee also causes the body to lose calcium.. Over time, people who drink too much coffee could be putting themselves at risk of conditions such as osteoporosis. This can be avoided by putting two tablespoons of milk in the drink. Coffee has been known as an appetite suppressant and is often used by people who are not trying to eat as much. However, caffeine can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate, which can lead to sugar cravings. 

Pros of soda- To be completely honest, soda does not have many benefits, but we will go ahead and list the closest things they do have here:  Like Energy drinks, some sodas contain caffeine, which can help to make you feel more alert and energized. There are sugar-free and zero-calorie options available. One positive thing about drinking soda is that it usually has caffeine, a natural stimulant found. Caffeine makes you feel more alert and energized when you’re tired. Because of this, it might increase your performance. 

The cons of soda- pop has a very high amount of calories, mostly coming from sugar. People who drink soda on a regular basis consume more calories than those who do not and typically experience weight gain. Drinking soda has been linked to diseases like pancreatic cancer, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. It can also cause reproductive issues from the BPA in the bottles. Just two soft drinks a week can double your risk for pancreatic cancer. 

The pros of energy drinks- Two key ingredients in energy drinks are sugar and caffeine. The combination of these supplements is what helps your mind and body to stay awake and energized during a long day. When you’re energized, you’re able to complete your tasks.  Once you’re high on energy, you’ll feel like you’ll be able to take on anything.  Energy drinks are available at almost any store. They are also affordable. 

The cons of energy drinks – One of the most important factors when consuming an energy drink is the effect it could have on your heart. According to the American Journal Heart Association,  “It could actually be playing some nasty tricks on our hearts, leading to emergency room visits and even death.” If you’re not careful,  drinking energy drinks can be dangerous. One serving of an energy drink contains about 25g to 39g of sugar. Large quantities of sugar consumption can lead to jitters, sleep disorders, dental problems, obesity, and diabetes.

While there are downfalls and benefits to each drink, you should just make sure that you have something to drink every day but not too many of the drinks because you could get sick from drinking too much of any of the drinks.