Choose to Refuse

Jayden Hopper, Stuff Writer

All drugs come with risks. One of the risks is you could have major sleep or health issues. It could affect the people around you or your loved ones or family or friends. You could lose touch with them. You could also get so addicted that you get anxiety and depression. Another risk is that it could cause you to drop out of school and not graduate.

Some ways you could try to quit is that you could keep a journal and keep track of where and when and how much and what you use. See if you see any relapse or particular places or people that cause a trigger. If you know the people or places and things that trigger your drug use, you can begin to make a plan. You might want to cut some triggers out entirely or avoid anything that gives you cravings. It takes time and patience to see any difference. Don’t feel guilty or selfish if any relapse happens. It’s a process and every challenge is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. Just be kind to yourself and celebrate each step towards your goal, no matter how small or how big it is.