The Canyon Boys Soccer team started their season a couple of weeks ago playing some district games and some tournaments. The Varsity team, led by Coach Rush, has been working hard to improve their offensive scoring early in the season. “Right now we’re at a .500 record, we’re struggling to score goals early in the season, we’re trying to find someone right now who can put points on the board, however defensively we’ve been playing very well.” 

While off to a little bit of a rocky start, Canyon sports have a tendency to prevail and make playoff runs. “Usually one of our goals is to be a playoff team, and I believe we have the potential to be one again this season,” Rush mentioned when asked about his goal for this season. Once an offensive playmaker is developed, a playoff run is not an unreasonable goal as the Cougars are still competitive in their division. 

The Cougars took a big hit in their lineup after last year’s graduation, losing around 12 seniors. When asked about leaders on the team, Rush confirmed, “Not any new seniors; we only have 6 this year. I think we graduated 12 last year, so they all really had to step up.”

While this may seem like a bad thing on the surface, this is good as it gives younger kids a chance to start understanding the Varsity earlier in their high school careers. When asked about what is different this year from last year, Rush responded, “A lot of new faces on the varsity, with only 6 seniors. There’s a lot of juniors and sophomores playing and even some freshmen being pulled up for tournaments.”

While this season could be tough with all the learning going on while the younger students are playing, this will lead to nothing but improvement next year and maybe even the year after when all the varsity players will be familiar with the team and chemistry will be tight. This season could be challenging, but the future is very bright for the Cougar Boys Soccer team.