Lights. Camera. Action!


Brooke Stone and Alex Robbins rehearse before being filmed by Emilie Medeau, Tegan “Finn” Wolfe, Aubrey Deleon

 Every Friday morning, the school starts 2nd period with a 5-8 minute news update frome Canyon’s news broadcasting team consisting of Juniors Brooke Stone and Emilie Medeau, Sophomore Alex Robbins, and Freshmen Aubrey Deleon and Tegan “Finn” Wolfe. I took a moment to get a quote from each member of the crew.

The sports segment is a power duo of Alex and Tegan, who goes by Finn. “I have been in the yearbook class since the beginning of 8th grade and have always loved English electives. I decided to join the broadcasting team because it seemed like something I could easily like,” Finn stated after being asked why she wanted to join the broadcasting team.

Alex, who has a very chill and go-with-the-flow personality, always seems to have an idea on how the team could be better during their viewings each Friday. “I think that Brooke does a lot because she films and edits,” Alex answered when asked which member puts in the most work. “She is super kind and keeps us all cool and collected. She also edits really well and always comes through on time each week.”

The meat and potatoes of the news each week is the announcements segment led by French foreign exchange student Emilie and broadcasting team veteran Brooke. Emilie, who was worried she would be made fun of due to her accent, has come from being scared to talk on camera to now confidently getting on the news each week. “At first, I was really scared because when I first came here my English was not good,” Emilie stated when asked about how she felt when she first started, “but I received a lot of help from everyone and now I feel comfortable in front of the camera, and it’s so much fun.”

Brooke, who has been in broadcasting since her sophomore year, is the leader of the group due to her experience and holds the title of editor. When asked about how the team has changed from last semester to now Brooke stated, “The crew has grown closer compared to the beginning of the year, but our ideas and humor have stayed the same.” This statement shows true as the team has gotten consistently better and more confident in their work week by week. “We evaluate what is happening each week and build our ideas around the subject,” Brooke answered when asked how they come up with ideas.

Last but not least, the weather segment is a one-woman show led by Aubrey. Aubrey seems to have grown the most throughout the year, from being shy and hiding from the camera to now willingly being on screen all by herself which is a great improvement that not a lot of people realize. “My favorite part is being able to talk to new people and interviewing them and walking around to try and record interviews,” Aubrey answered when asked about what she likes about being on the team. “I also like being able to see behind the scenes of the news and seeing how it works.”

Because of these 5 broadcast journalists, the whole campus is able to learn about current and upcoming events on the Canyon High School campus in an energetic and entertaining way without having to hear corny jokes through the intercom every morning.