Love Wins


Coach Deason hangs out with his students, Jacob, Wyatt, and Ethan, from his 5th period Outdoor Education class.

Coach Deason, or Coach D, is one of the football coaches at Canyon High School; he also teaches Outdoor Education and Weightlifting. While most of his classes are self-paced, he inspires his students daily. He says, “Love God. Love Others. Love Yourself… So here’s the best advice I’ve ever got, Love Wins.”

This is Coach D’s first year teaching high school students. He used to teach college football. He says that he has had teams win championships with the “Love Wins” mindset. With this mindset, you become a healthier, happier person. Coach D is constantly teaching kids how to stay physically healthy, but his advice also teaches kids how to stay mentally healthy as well. He mentioned that it doesn’t matter what religion, race, or gender you are; if you spread love your life begins to change and you grow into the best version of yourself. 

Thank you Coach D for stepping in for our class and inspiring us every day. That joy becomes a chain reaction and affects everyone at Canyon High School. So no matter what you are going through in life, or where you are in life, choose love because love wins.