The Bubbliest of Teachers


Writing about one individual teacher in Canyon High School can be very difficult considering we have a lot of wonderful teachers on this campus. Even though there are a lot of great teachers at our school, I chose Ms. Hahn. Ms. Hahn was my Algebra teacher my freshman year, and she has been my favorite teacher ever since. She has been teaching at Canyon for 7 years and is really enjoying her time here. She is a very bubbly but serious person. For you to have fun in her class, you have to finish your work, which isn’t too bad if you think about it.

I chose Ms.Hahn as my favorite teacher because there is something special about her that most teachers don’t have. She has a very bright and bubbly personality along with her great teaching skills. I once was bad at math, and Ms.Hahn helped me through it. “I want my kids to feel confident in doing math, and hyping them up is my job when they get problems that they were originally struggling with.” For example, she would always treat me with nothing but kindness and respect. She was very good at slowing down the learning process when kids like me needed help understanding what was going on. Even though I would get distracted by my friends, she would still find a way to get me back on task and learn what was supposed to be learned. 

As you can, tell Ms. Hahn is my favorite teacher for the right reasons, and if she’s your teacher, you are very lucky, so don’t take advantage of her because you will most likely never find another teacher with the patience that she has with her students.